& Lighting

& Lighting

Texas Best Events lighting and effects services brings the WOW factor to any location! From weddings to parties to large event stages, there is nothing too big or too small for what we can do! Room light design takes a professional visionary and with Texas Best Events you can be assured that your vision will come to life! Contact us anytime to go over special projects and ideas! Each event is custom to fit the look and feel you are wanting.


Projection Mapping

From designing a legendary wedding cake to mapping a car or building, our projection mapping services are tailored for the most exclusive events that require that next level look.

Up Lighting

We work with you to find the perfect color combination. Every color is available. Let us transform your ordinary event into something truly magical!

Monogram Projection

Personalizing your event has never been easier or more attractive. Our digital projectors cast only the sharpest lines and vivid colors ensuring your event only has the Best lighting available!

Pin Lighting

Pinlighting is best suited to Highlight cakes or center pieces in an elegantly lit room. We can also use these lights to place focus on artwork in a museum or even auction items.

Projection Templates


available to choose from

  • Classic Monogram
  • Artisan Monogram
  • Animated Monogram
  • Accents
  • Holidays
  • Atmospheres
Add-ons section


Moving Headlights

Moving Head Lights

Moving Head Lights with Glow Totems

Moving Head

Digital Disco Ball

Digital Disco Ball

Easy-to-use Mirror Ball Simulator

Disco Ball

DIY Black Lights

DIY Black Lights

Powerful Ultraviolet Light

Black Lights

Dance Floot Light Bar

Dance Floor Light Bar

4-in-1 Lighting System

Dance Floor
Light Bar

*Expert Tip* Add a High Density Fog Machine to create a picture-perfect Dance Floor

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